从原油开采到精细化工 ,从美国到全球各地 ,ATP OIL&GAS 经历了数十年润滑质料研发及应用积累…

1991 ATP油气公司建立于德克萨斯州休斯顿 ,主要业务是开发和生产墨西哥湾和北海石油和然气。

ATP Oil Gas, Inc. was founded in Houston, Texas, and is engaged in the development and production of oil and gas in the Gulf of Mexico and North Sea.

1993 依托优质的原料优势,公司开始涉足炼油厂及润滑油生工业务。

Relying on the advantage of high quality raw materi-als, the company began to set foot in the refinery and lubricating oil production business.


1999 被哈特的《石油和天然气世界》杂志授予1999年“最佳油田革新项目奖"。

Awarded the Best Field Improvement Project 1999 by Hart's Oil Gas World magazlne.

2003 公司独立研发的特种润滑剂配套美国军工厂及辅助设施润滑油公司迅速生长。

Company independent research and development of special grease supporting the United states military factory and auxiliary facilities, lubricating oil compa-ny rapid development.


2010 ATPOil&Gas和?松梨(XOM)以及诺伯尔能源(NBL)、必和必拓(BHP)共四家企业在英国石油事件后获许重新进行墨西哥湾地区的原油勘探运动。

Four companies, ATP Oil Gas Corp (ATP) and Exxon-mobil Corp (XOM), as well as Noble Energy (BL)and BHP Billion(BHP) have been granted permission to resume Oil exploration in the Gulf of Mexico after the BP incident.

2012 重组后的ATP优化公司业务 ,逐步出售上游石油天然气的开采项目 ,在原有炼油厂及润滑油工业链的基础上 ,重点提高特种润滑剂在全球市场的占有率。

The restructured ATP optimized the business of the company, gradually sold the upstream oil and gas exploitation projects, based on the original refineries and lubricants industry chain, focused on improving the market share of lubricants in the global market.

2013 通过署理商进入中国 ,效劳水泥 ,冶金 ,电力等重工行业。

Through the agent into China, service cement, metal-lurgy, electric power and other heavy industry.

2019 中国全资子公司w88win优德建立 ,部分产品实现国产化。

China's wholly-owned subsidiary: ATP (Shanghai) Special Lubricants Co., Ltd was established, and some of its products were domesticated.


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